How to order images

Please note: Although you will go through a "buying" process via a checkout, CDU does not charge for internal use of images from the gallery.

You can browse the CDU image gallery without registering, but if you want to order images or make collections of favourites you will need to register. Please use your CDU email address to register.

Ordering via favourites

You can order images via your favourites collection. See the page about selecting favorites if you want to order this way.

Ordering directly from a gallery

You can place images in your shopping cart while you browse the galleries, and still have the opportunity to remove them before you finalise your order.

Step 1: Click on "select photos" at the top of the screen (figure 1).

select photosselect-photosFigure 1

(Figure 1)

Step 2: Click anywhere on the photo to select it. You will know it is selected when a white tick in a black circle appears on your photo (figure 2).

selectselect buybuyFigure 3







(Figure 3)


(Figure 2)

Step 3: Once you are happy with your selection, click on the "Buy" button at the top of the window (figure 2). From here you can save your photos for purchasing later, or select the product (size) you require. In this case, we are selecting product for your images, so choose this option. If you require different sizes for the images you have selected, you have the opportunity to select other sizes in the steps ahead. All images are supplied in digital format, you can choose from:
  • medium resolution for print
  • high resolution for print
  • or low resolution for web.

Please note: the low resolution image is not necessarily "web ready", you may need to resize it according to the website requirements.

select-size1select-size1 dragdrag

(Figure 4)                                                                                                              (Figure 5)

Step 4: Select the required size by clicking on "select" (figure 4), then click "continue" (figure 4).

Step 5: Drag the images you wish to order into the window (figure 5). If you are ordering all your images at the same size, drag them all into the window (maximum of 15 per order), then click "Save to cart" on the bottom left of the screen.

 If you wish to order different images at different sizes, you need to repeat the process from step 3, "Buy".

Step 6: Once you have finalised your choices and saved your purchases to your shopping cart, click on the shopping cart icon on the top right side of your screen. You will then see the images at the sizes you have ordered them (figure 6) - high res for publication or low res for web, and ensure the l.

Step 7: Fill out the instructions. This is where you need to tell us where you will be using the image: online use, pull-up banner, brochure etc. This is an important step. Click on "None" next to "Instructions" and you will be guided to a page where you can fill out the instructions (look for a box on the top right of the page)

Step 8: Click "Next" at the bottom right of the page, then fill out instructions for the next image you have ordered.

Step 9: When you have filled out all the instructions, you will have the option to click "Done".

cart2cart2 Please note:

  • the price for your order is $0.00
  • you can still go back and make changes to your order using the "edit" option or go "Back to gallery" to select more images
  • you can email your cart to a colleague to view your selection (though we suggest you do this prior to getting to the purchase stage via favourites).

Step 10: When you are happy with your order, select "Checkout now".

Step 11: Read and agree with the license for the products.

Step 12: Select "Continue checkout".

Step 13: Enter your information and select "Continue checkout".

Step 14: Select "Place order".

Your order will be automatically send to the CDU Publications team to review and dispatch. You will receive an email confirming your order.

Once the Publications team have approved your order you will receive another email containing a link to the downloads page.

Follow the link and you will see your download is being prepared. Depending on the size of your order, it may take several minutes for your order to prepare.

If you have any issues or questions please contact the Publications team at [email protected].

(Figure 6)